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Phœnix Insurance Co. letterhead

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Jan 3rd, 2016. Artwork published in .
Phœnix Insurance Co. letterhead
Source: Harpel’s Typograph, 1870, scanned by Boston Public Library and hosted by Internet Archive. License: Public Domain.

This is a sample of letterhead and correspondence from Harpel’s Typograph. Designed and published by Oscar Henry Harpel in 1870, the Typograph was a comprehensive guide for letterpress printers and contains many examples of elaborate typesetting and printing techniques. The book is an example of high quality Victorian design, and a catalyst for the style in America. Such “artistic printing” was enhanced and expanded by printers such as William J. Kelly of New York and his publication The American Model Printer.


  • Bruce Mikita
  • Bank Note
  • Boldface Italic
  • Law Italic
  • Sloping Black
  • Grotesque No. 2 (Farmer)
  • Gothic Condensed No. 2




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2 Comments on “Phœnix Insurance Co. letterhead”

  1. Here’s some identification for ya:

    “Cincinnati”: Sloping Black
    “Or, Book of Specimens”: Grotesque No. 2
    “Branch Office”: Gothic Condensed No. 2

  2. Great job! Thanks, Bryson. I’ve added the typefaces.

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