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London Stock Exchange logos

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Feb 23rd, 2016.
    London Stock Exchange logos 1
    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.
    London Stock Exchange logos 2
    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.


    • Vectora




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    3 Comments on “London Stock Exchange logos”

    1. Blythwood says:
      Mar 1st, 2016  12:39 am

      Aargh, why did Frutiger have to go with a 't’ crossbar so far below x-height? Trade Gothic has the same problem only it’s not so bad in that.

    2. Mar 1st, 2016  11:39 am

      This comes with the extralarge x-height. If the bar was any higher, there wouldn’t be much left of the ascender (which is shorter in t than in bdfhkl). See also this related Twitter thread about typefaces where the crossbar on f or t is below the x-height, esp. in bolder weights.

    3. Blythwood says:
      May 23rd, 2016  12:15 am

      Incidentally, they aren’t the only ones using Vectora in the City of London, now I think of it. The London Symphony Orchestra uses it a lot (though not in their logo). This self-released album cover is a good example.LSO live album cover

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