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Werkplaats Typografie/ISIA Summer School 2016

Contributed by on May 13th, 2016. Artwork published in
February 2016


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    2 Comments on “Werkplaats Typografie/ISIA Summer School 2016”

    1. Blythwood says:
      May 20th, 2016  2:25 am

      Have to say, “monospaced Gill-inspired display serif” wasn’t the thing I was most expecting to see this year in commercial fonts. (That was, of course, “capital-form 'Q’s in lowercase are back!” Probably.) Would love to know what mad passion inspired you to do this.

    2. Aug 25th, 2016  9:44 am

      Dear Blythwood

      It’s only now we realize that there’s a comment-section here… Well, the tracing floated about forever here, until so fed up with it, we decided to monospace it. All of a sudden it seemed to be a funny thing to do and complete. 

      As we wrote on our site, It was just very interesting to mix something originally set in stone with something so “digital” as a monospacing.

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