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Pulp Fiction movie poster

Contributed by Axl Gamez González on Nov 2nd, 2016. Artwork published in .
Pulp Fiction movie poster 1
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This example is my way to seduce anyone who enters this site and wants to start the path of the typeface lovers.

In an interview conducted by Juan Vinueza, James Verdesoto (Creative Director at Miramax Films, co-founder of Indika Entertainment Advertising) comments on the poster design:

If you googled Pulp Fiction before Pulp Fiction, you wouldn’t find anything that resembles that poster. Pulp fiction was about these cheap magazines where women were either femme fatales or sex slaves. Mia Wallace, Uma Thurman’s character, is neither. She’s too cool. She’s the modern world’s woman. So, we portrayed her in this pose that is based on pulp novels, but then, she uses a long dress and has this strong woman’s look. You cannot not be hooked up by her eyes. Typography, meanwhile, follows the poster’s aesthetics. It’s retro, but it’s kitsch as well. It’s very difficult to make adaptations in modern, retro-themed posters. You make a tribute to the past, yes, but you have to catch contemporary audiences with it.

Pulp Fiction movie poster 2
Miramax Films. License: All Rights Reserved.


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  1. The pulp fiction paperback that Mia Wallace’s hand is resting on is Harlot In Her Heart by Norman Bligh (1950). In the second poster version, the lettering on its cover has been replaced by “Pulp Fiction” in shaded Reporter.

    Image: © MICKSIDGE

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