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Monin syrups

Contributed by Blythwood on Dec 23rd, 2016.
    Monin syrups 1
    © Monin. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Monin is a French manufacturer of flavoured syrups used in coffees and milkshakes.

    The design on the labels has changed slightly over the years, but the flavour names have consistently been set in Poetica by Robert Slimbach, with a choice of some of the swash alternates that come with this typeface.

    I don’t see many display uses of chancery italic typefaces on their own (did the clunkiness of Zapf Chancery kill the style stone dead?) so it’s interesting to see a major display showcase of Poetica. I’m not entirely sure all the swashes are great ideas, but certainly you couldn’t not add some.

    Monin syrups 2
    Source: © Monin. License: All Rights Reserved.


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