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The Beaver Printing Co. 1956 Advertising Calendar

Contributed by Jennifer Kennard on Jan 3rd, 2017. Artwork published in .
    The Beaver Printing Co. 1956 Advertising Calendar
    Photo: Jennifer Kennard. License: CC BY.

    Gorgeous gothics ring in the new year. Timeless! Make America print again, shall we?


    • Poster Gothic
    • Broadway Condensed
    • Bernhard Gothic
    • Alternate Gothic
    • Copperplate Gothic




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    3 Comments on “The Beaver Printing Co. 1956 Advertising Calendar”

    1. Jan 3rd, 2017  7:59 pm

      There are gazillions of digital Broadways, and none includes the Condensed? Really? I guess we have to wait for ATF Collection’s definitive version then.

    2. Blythwood says:
      Jan 5th, 2017  3:25 pm

      Somehow it looks much cuter than the regular. The different 'w’ helps with that, I suppose.

    3. Jan 6th, 2017  12:24 am

      And the ‘e’ and triangle dots. It’s really a different design than Broadway — much cheekier.

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