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Oli Rotomin leadholder

Photo(s) by “altpapiersammler”. Imported from Flickr on Feb 4, 2017. Artwork published in
circa 1955
    Source: Uploaded to Flickr by altpapiersammler and tagged with “signal” and “candida”. License: All Rights Reserved.


    The Oli Rotomin is a pencil distinguished by a constantly rotating lead. Read more about this “revolutionary innovation in the field of drafting pencils” on Leadholder, the online drafting pencil museum curated by Dennis B. Smith.

    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

    Instruction sheet


    • Signal (Berthold)
    • Fox
    • Candida



    Artwork location

    2 Comments on “Oli Rotomin leadholder”

    1. It is rather rare to see two weights of the Signal family — the heavy Block-Signal and the thin Script-Signal — used side by side, beyond type specimens.

      The abbreviation “DBP” for Deutsches Bundes-Patent indicates a date after 1949. Furthermore, the bold brush script on the instruction sheet is Werner Rebhuhn’s Fox, which was first cast in 1953.

      Note the quaint ‘tz’ ligature in Jakob Erbar’s Candida — a slab serif echo of the glyph that still graces many Berlin street signs. The lettering model used for the latter is loosely based on Erbar-Grotesk by the same designer.

    2. 7 years ago I found on a german “Flohmarkt” a box within brand new 20 Oli-Rotomins!

      I sold 17 of them worldwide and it is a funny idea with a rotating pencil!

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