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Rush – A Farewell To Kings album art

Contributed by Stephan Peters on Apr 9th, 2017. Artwork published in
September 1977
Rush – A Farewell To Kings album art License: All Rights Reserved.

A Farewell To Kings was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales, and mixed at Advision Studios in London. The album took three weeks to record and two weeks to mix. It was the band’s Rush’s first US gold-selling album, receiving the certification within two months of its release, and was eventually certified platinum. The band was happy with how it turned out. Geddy recalled in 1978:

“It’s the only one of our albums apart from ‘2112‘ that I can really live with. I’ve yet to look at it and start finding fault with it, pick it apart, you know…it still sounds so positive.”

From Rush: Chemistry: The Definitive Biography (2005) by Jon Collins:

Rush artist Hugh Syme had previously played keyboards in The Ian Thomas band, whose guitarist, Josh Anderson, was called on to be the “puppet king” for the A Farewell To Kings album cover by RUSH.

“He was really a rake of a man, really, really thin and he was perfect for the part. He had a beautifully receding forehead already and all I had to do was go and retouch his mouth, shoulder and knee joints to appear mannequin-like.” — Hugh Syme.


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