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O’Almacén brand identity

Contributed by Guillotina Estudio on Jul 2nd, 2017. Artwork published in .
    O’Almacén brand identity 1

    O’Almacén, 'The Warehouse’ in Galician, is a new cultural space and club in Vigo, Galicia (Spain). They offer a wide variety of activities for all ages, from a swing dance school, to a yoga master class. From a beer making course to a funk gig or an art exhibition.

    O’Almacén owes its name to the location, a former fodder warehouse in a working class neighborhood, Lavadores, with a beautiful classical stone facade dated 1911.

    The identity was designed with the warehouse concept in mind. The type choice became a design tool with the beautiful Timmons NY, a muscular and tall headline font that helped create the illusion of a shelve rack that works great for the complete logo and the 'monogram’ version too. LL Brown and Source Serif Pro were used for other text needs, completing a nice and versatile type combination. The modular and mutant pattern was inspired by the boxes in the shelves. It worked as a great tool in almost every application.

    O’Almacén brand identity 2
    O’Almacén brand identity 3
    O’Almacén brand identity 4
    O’Almacén brand identity 5
    O’Almacén brand identity 6


    • Timmons NY
    • LL Brown
    • Source Serif




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