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“From dinosaurs to spaceships” poster

Contributed by Florian Hardwig on Sep 25th, 2017. Artwork published in .
    “From dinosaurs to spaceships” poster 1
    Source: Budapest Poster Gallery. License: All Rights Reserved.

    A dinoszaurusztól az űrhajóig — megérteti a múltat és a jelent a 25 éves Élet és Tudomány
    (From dinosaurs to spaceships — understanding the past and the significance of 25 years of Life and Science journal)

    In this Hungarian poster, the various acute accents including the double acute in Ű (also known as Hungarumlaut) have all been reduced to flat macron-like lines. This modernist approach is in line with the simplistic construction of Marvin, and enables a compact setting with tight linespacing.

    To quote David Jonathan Ross from his recent presentation at ATypI Montréal:

    90% of the importance of a diacritic is just to see something there

    This is certainly true in display typography where maximizing the graphic impact outweighs any issues related to ambiguity.

    “From dinosaurs to spaceships” poster 2
    Source: Budapest Poster Gallery. License: All Rights Reserved.

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