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El Pajaro Espino book jacket (1977 edition)

Contributed by Amijai Benderski on Jul 27th, 2017. Artwork published in
circa 1977
El Pajaro Espino book jacket (1977 edition)
Photo: Amijai Benderski. License: All Rights Reserved.

The Thorn Birds (El Pájaro Espino in Spanish) is a 1977 best-selling novel by the Australian author Colleen McCullough. For this (uncredited) jacket Cortez was slightly modified — ‘P’ was extended, ‘S’ got a descending loop, and the top-right serif on the ‘N’ was trimmed to accommodate an extended ‘R’.

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  1. The original Letraset Cortez offered a swash ‘R’ but it wasn’t quite as long as the one on this cover.

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