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John Maus — Screen Memories

Contributed by Love Lagerkvist on Oct 31st, 2017. Artwork published in
October 2017
    John Maus — Screen Memories
    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

    John Maus’ synthpop has always been haunted by past futures, but never has he exorcised these with the finesse displayed on Screen Memories from 2017 . Similiar to the sounds his custom-built modular synth outputs, the typography on the cover overlays and almost flickers, turning Helvetica into proto-grunge Shatter in a way that is both painfully obvious and yet darkly eerie.


    • Helvetica
    • Shatter




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    4 Comments on “John Maus — Screen Memories

    1. James says:
      Nov 27th, 2017  7:37 am

      Album artwork designed by Lia Sued Cabral!

    2. Nov 27th, 2017  1:06 pm

      Thanks, James! I have added Lia’s name. Is Cabral a second person?

    3. James says:
      Mar 20th, 2018  1:53 pm

      Cabral is her second last name

    4. Mar 20th, 2018  10:00 pm

      Gotcha. Thanks!

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