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Playlist at Erratum Galerie

Contributed by Bureau Brut on Nov 9th, 2017. Artwork published in
November 2017
Playlist at Erratum Galerie 1
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Playlist is a group compilation featuring works by more than 50 international artists. Conceived as a playlist de coeur by the owners of the Erratum Galerie, on the walls unfolds a spectrum of small-sized paintings displayed edge to edge, according to a simple principle of formal affinities and associations: a sort of visual mixtape of pieces by various artists.

This arbitrary arrangement provides the opportunity for some movements. The borders of each canvas become transitions. They take on new importance beyond the usual hierarchies and rules of seeing. The optical center is allowed to travel across the surfaces, and the installation evolves paintings into an elusive ensemble, which aims at soliciting a plurality of readings.

The purpose is not to drown the individual paintings into a larger whole, but rather to activate free shuffling between the different dimensions and genres of painting. It is about playing with “limit-situations”, to literally use the words of Olivier Mosset — that is to say painting as a becoming. From illusionism to materiality, from the cosa mentale to the readymade, Erratum hopes to initiate a friendly conversation between the contemporary practices of painting. An audio edition completes and extends the installation on display. Available on CD, it contains a second playlist of sounds and recordings submitted by the artists.

Dean Annunziata, Linda Franken, Raphaël-Bachir Osman, Franck Rausch (Idea & concept)
Daniel Seemayer (Graphic design)
Lily Matras (Text)
Zoë Harris (Editing)

Playlist at Erratum Galerie 2
License: All Rights Reserved.
Playlist at Erratum Galerie 3
License: All Rights Reserved.

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  1. I really like this. This kind of ultra-crisp engraving-style face can look really striking and having a modernist take with things like indices in the character set is really exciting. The level of folding up and stroke overlap makes it feel like an overloading of nineteenth-century body text printing into distortion. Can’t wait to see this more widely used. 

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