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Room for Rebellion

Contributed by henry cruickshank on Feb 12th, 2018. Artwork published in
November 2017
    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

    Poster for a party by Room for Rebellion in association with the London Irish Abortion Rights Campaign feat. Eclair Fifi, Anu + Lora. Organized to raise funds for the Abortion Support Network who help women in Ireland and Northern Ireland access safe abortion care in mainland UK.


    • Big Caslon
    • unidentified typeface




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    4 Comments on “Room for Rebellion”

    1. Feb 13th, 2018  4:32 am

      Designer is Alex McCullough:…

    2. Feb 13th, 2018  8:39 am

      Merci, Quentin!

    3. Sam says:
      Feb 19th, 2018  2:57 am

      Pretty sure the other face is RP Union?

    4. Feb 19th, 2018  6:57 am

      The ‘R’ is indeed similar to Union. Details in ‘a’, ‘f’, or ‘t’ are different, though. The image Quentin has linked to also shows horizontal terminals for ‘C’, ‘s’ etc.

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