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What About Water?

Contributed by Matthijs Sluiter on May 24th, 2018. Artwork published in
March 2018
What About Water? 1
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On her website, designer Tina Touli writes:

Every year on the 22nd of March we celebrate the “World Water Day”. A collection of five posters and a video for this special day have been designed during the Graphic Design Adobe Live Stream in San Francisco.

Often, water awareness campaigns are “asking” the viewer to change his/her behaviour, highlighting the importance of freshwater. In contrast, the phrase “What about water? Watever, who cares!” has been used for this poster collection, calling the viewer to question his/her way of thinking towards the importance of water.

In earlier experimentations, during a self initiated project in collaboration with Jakob Ritt and Yunxin Stella Wang, we came up with a technique where oil based and water based liquids were “mixed” to create interesting shapes and distortions that can be used for design outcomes. Inspired by these experimentations, this technique has been used in order to bring the water element to the project in a more unique and interesting way.

A step by step presentation of the creative process is presented on Touli’s Behance page.
Technique development: Jakob Ritt, Tina Touli, Yunxin Stella Wang

What About Water? 2
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What About Water? 3
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What About Water? 4
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  1. The unidentified typeface is Suisse Int’l, there is a process video on the designer’s website in which the type is clear and legible.

  2. Thanks Connor, we’ve added it.

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