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Autres systèmes talk

Contributed by Lucas Descroix on Jul 12th, 2018. Artwork published in
December 2017
Autres systèmes talk 1
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Bonjour Monde, group for the search of alternative processes in visual creation, was invited in December 2017 to give a talk at ESIPE, an engineering school in Paris (France). The purpose was to open the students’ eyes to the potential of accidents and the acceptance of control loss as vector of creativity.

This poster Bonjour Monde designed for their intervention carries several of the concepts they generally explore through workshops. The rasterized pictures display strange textures, born from digital glitches and printing errors. The typographic treatment — using Grandmaster in both Black and Thin weights and with a fair amount of tracking — aims at bringing the viewer out of its confort zone. It resonates with the snaggy feeling of the images and forces an involvement, a conscious and active reading process.

The main visual element — the French word ‘BONJOUR’ — embodies the idea of error in a more obvious manner. Distorted through Bonjour Monde’s DataFace tool, it reveals the type’s materiality with unexpected letterforms. The rest of the text is set in a monospace type named Cispeo, and an attentive eye can even spot some Syne Italic, a family created by Bonjour Monde for the French art center Synesthésie and used here a few months before its open-source release in June 2018.

Autres systèmes talk 2
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Autres systèmes talk 3
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