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“Irish Five per Cent. Annuities” receipt (1804)

Contributed by Greg Yerbury on Jul 13th, 2018. Artwork published in
circa 1800
    “Irish Five per Cent. Annuities” receipt (1804) 1
    Photo: Greg Yerbury. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Receipt found in Stafford Archives connected to St Michael’s School in Penkridge Staffordshire, printed by John March, Tower-Hill, in ca. 1800. Having looked at a Caslon specimen sheet, the blackletter seems to be the Two-Line Great Primer Black, with the text set in roman and italic styles, maybe from the Great Primer or English sizes.


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    2 Comments on ““Irish Five per Cent. Annuities” receipt (1804)”

    1. Jul 13th, 2018  11:13 am

      Here’s a detail from William Caslon’s Specimen of Printing Types from 1785. Judging from the A, it seems you’re spot on about the blackletter.

      Note the use of the special symbol for “per” which looks like a lowercase p with visible upstroke and a horizontal cross stroke that runs through stem and bowl.

    2. Jul 14th, 2018  7:22 am

      Keith Hou­s­ton (Shady Characters) points out that this character is included in Unicode as PER SIGN (U+214C). Here are the glyphs from a few digital fonts that support it. From left to right: Andron (SIAS), Everson Mono (Evertype), Iowan Old Style (Bitstream/ParaType), Scotch Modern and Figgins Sans (Shinntype), and Pragmata (FSD). Kudos!

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