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Rage (Czechoslovak movie poster)

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Aug 28th, 2018. Artwork published in .
    Rage (Czechoslovak movie poster)
    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

    This multiconcept poster for the George C. Scott film, Rage, was designed for the Czechoslovak market by Jan Meisner. Puff Wind serves as a shadowed companion to ITC Busorama, which was extensively modified from its original form: the ‘E’ narrowed, ‘G’ given a crossbar, and a new ‘M’ inspired by Puff Wind’s. The “US ARMY” and “FILM USA” may be set in another typeface, but I don’t know the name.


    • Puff Wind
    • ITC Busorama
    • Moore Liberty




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    4 Comments on “Rage (Czechoslovak movie poster)”

    1. Aug 28th, 2018  7:52 am

      The stars and stripes face is shown as Moore Liberty in the Solotype catalog. Not sure if that’s the original name. If yes, then it might be designed by David Moore who also is credited for Moore Computer and Moore Swash.

    2. getsuren says:
      Aug 28th, 2018  8:40 pm

      Moore Liberty is listed in VGC’s catalog with the company’s logo, and Moore Computer is also listed next to the face, so both faces were most likely designed by Moore and released by VGC.…

    3. Aug 28th, 2018  8:49 pm

      That’s great, getsuren! Thank you very much for that info and also for sharing the specimen scan.

    4. Aug 28th, 2018  10:19 pm

      Thank you both!

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