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“Do You Feel Like We Do” / “Penny For Your Thoughts” – Peter Frampton

Contributed by Garrison Martin on Aug 17th, 2019. Artwork published in
November 1976
    “Do You Feel Like We Do” / “Penny For Your Thoughts” – Peter Frampton
    Source: jimmyx / 45cat. License: All Rights Reserved.

    German sleeve for a 1976 single by Peter Frampton, featuring Penny Farthing with a mix of its wide and narrow glyphs, plus a nested NN ligature.

    “Do You Feel Like We Do” originally [appeared] on the Frampton’s Camel album that he released in 1973. The song became one of the highlights of his live performances in the following years, and it became one of the three hit singles released from his Frampton Comes Alive! album, released in 1976. — Wikipedia

    Edited down from the extended album-closing track that it originally was, this was Frampton’s lighter-in-the-air audience-participation number, right down to the inclusive invitation in the title. “Hey Jude” it isn’t but I just about get it. However, the song’s not heavy enough for a rock anthem, not light enough to be a teenybop singalong and thus seems to fall between two stools. — Lejink,


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