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The Wrecks Of Time by Michael Moorcock (Ace)

Contributed by Florian Hardwig on Dec 9th, 2018. Artwork published in .
The Wrecks Of Time by Michael Moorcock (Ace) 1
Source: The unsubscriber (edited). License: All Rights Reserved.

From L. W. Currey:

First edition. Ace Double H-36. This is a copy-edited version of Moorcock’s original New Worlds text [under the pseudonym James Colvin]. The original text was published later in book form as The Rituals Of Infinity (1971). Bound with Tramontane by Emil Petaja.

Art by Jack Gaughan. The cover typeface is the rarely seen Davison Epanoul, which was added to Photo-Lettering’s library shortly before: It’s described in their Alphabet Thesaurus Vol. 2 from 1965 as “one of the freshest most sophisticated designs in the Thesaurus.”. Designed by Meyer “Dave” Davison, Epanoul was available in three weights with biform alternates for many characters. With letterforms based on a squircle paired and pronounced vertical contrast, it’s very much a child of its time, cf. Antikva Margaret or Katerina. There’s no digitization. A (hypothetical) hybrid of House Industries’ Velo Sans and Velo Serif would come close.

The Wrecks Of Time by Michael Moorcock (Ace) 2
Source: Boy de Haas. License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Davison Epanoul
  • Franklin Gothic




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  1. Thanks, Frode. Together with album art, paperback covers are a treasure trove for the more obscure PLINC stuff, much of which hasn’t made it to digital yet.

    I saw your tweet about Zoltán Nagy’s Katerina. Do you happen to have any info about its history? Was it released, and if yes, by whom?

  2. I don’t have more information about Katerina, unfortunately.

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