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Caroline, Drift Train

Contributed by Blaze Type on Mar 26th, 2019. Artwork published in
December 2018
    Caroline, Drift Train 1
    Subin Choi. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Caroline, Drift Train is a performance by Minjung Song on the 16th Dec 2018 at the Ilmin Museum of Art during PERFORM2018 in Seoul. The performance takes you to a station platform of a tiny village, telling the viewer about moving and drifting through the screen of a mobile phone. The designs for the performance include a fictional train ticket and packaging, a “lost cat” poster – and a thank you message for retrieving the cat. The ticket for the performance exists only as a 3D model. To witness the performance, you must have a cellular phone (with telephone number) and earphones. This performance is only for advance purchase. There are no on-site sales.

    The typography combines Blaze Type’s Oroban with an unidentified narrow sans serif for the numbers in red and two typefaces that refer to the steam age: Engravers Gothic with its flat bottom U, and Engravers (note that the designer kept the poor spacing of OU that comes with Monotype’s version.

    Caroline, Drift Train 2
    Subin Choi. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Caroline, Drift Train 3
    Subin Choi. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Caroline, Drift Train 4
    Subin Choi. License: All Rights Reserved.


    • Oroban
    • Engravers Gothic
    • Engravers




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    3 Comments on “Caroline, Drift Train

    1. subin choi says:
      Mar 8th, 2019  2:19 am

      Could you change the designer’s name from Choi Subin to subin choi(me). It is the same name but a different person.

    2. Mar 8th, 2019  6:51 am

      Sure, no problem! Thanks for letting us know.

    3. Mar 26th, 2019  10:27 am

      Editor’s note: This post was first published in January 2019. It was greatly revised and extended with additional images provided by the designer in March 2019.

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