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The Christmas Album – Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass

Contributed by Garrison Martin on Dec 24th, 2018. Artwork published in
December 1968
    Source: Lawren. License: CC BY.


    A false beard and faux italic Bookman on the cover for Herb Alpert’s Christmas Album (1968). The font in use appears in phototype specimens as “Bookman Bold Italic Swash”. In the history included in his Bookmania specimen (pdf), Mark Simonson comments:

    Along with Bookman Bold with Swash, it originated sometime in the mid-1960s. I have so far been unable to find out who designed and produced it. I think of it as the “Sixties Bookman.” […] Sixties Bookman expanded on ATF Bookman’s modest but distinctive swash character repertoire with 25 in the roman and 47 in the italic.
    One unfortunate thing about Sixties Bookman’s italic is that most of the characters are slanted mechanically, with no optical correction. VGC, maker of the Typositor, created their own version using the same name, but with optically correct italics and a somewhat different set of swash characters.

    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.


    Source: Jerry Johnson. License: All Rights Reserved.

    “The Christmas Song” single


    • Bookman
    • Trade Gothic




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    2 Comments on “The Christmas Album – Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass”

    1. Here’s a glyph set of Bookman Bold Italic Swash AKA “Sixties Bookman” as shown in a TypeShop catalog from 1973:

      Swashy Christmas!

    2. Very Nice, Florian! You can really see where Sixties Bookman was one of the main inspirations behind Bookmania. I was actually surprised that ATF’s Bookman had swashes, at all.

      The book Type and Typography by Ben Rosen has some good specimens of the 50s and 60s Golden Oldies like Standard, Venus, and Fortune. All from either Ludlow, ATF, Bauer or Amsterdam Continental. I’ll be posting more on Flickr.

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