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Goya: Obra Gráfica Completa

Contributed by Luis Maraia on May 20th, 2019. Artwork published in .
    Goya: Obra Gráfica Completa
    Source: Photo: Luis Maraia. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Surely, when Adrian Frutiger designed Herculanum for Linotype he could not imagine that it would end up serving as the title for a catalog of graphic works by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes. Likewise, an enlightened intellectual like Don Francisco would hardly identify with the beautiful Roman cursive buried by Vesuvius, that inspired Mr. Frutiger.

    The choice of the designer can be understood (although I do not necessarily appreciate their taste) because of the expressive force shared by the type and the artist’s graphic work, but, undoubtedly, the look of the title could be improved significantly by carefully kerning the name.

    Herculanum is paired with Caslon Antique. The wordmark of publisher Editorial Casariego uses caps from Optima.


    • Herculanum
    • Caslon Antique
    • Optima




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    1 Comment on “Goya: Obra Gráfica Completa

    1. May 20th, 2019  10:23 am

      I concur that Herculanum is difficult to space, especially when used for a short word including its sweeping Y. I’m not quite sold on your suggestion, though. The raised Y introduces new issues. If the goal is to calm down the line, why not use the narrow alternate provided in the lowercase?

    2. Luis Maraia says:
      May 20th, 2019  6:07 pm

      Yes. You’re right Florian, even improving the kerning, the result is not optimal. In fact I made a trial version with the alternative Y, but the solution does not seem right either for this title. It lacks elegance.

      We are not going to redesign the cover now, but I would start by trying a neoclassical type like Ibarra Real.

    3. Thiago says:
      May 27th, 2019  2:01 am

      G OY A

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