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“Big Lang at BYU” magazine illustration

Contributed by Darden Studio on Jul 10th, 2019. Artwork published in .
    Source: Brigham Young University. License: All Rights Reserved.


    Birra Stout is one of the many typefaces used for the typographic illustrations that accompany Amanda Kae Fronk’s article about linguist Mark E. Davies in an issue of BYU Magazine, a quarterly published by Brigham Young University. The whimsical display typeface by Darden Studio was chosen for the words “famous” and “crisis” in the large opening spread. Birra also appears in another graphic with “words about women”. Here it’s used to render the terms “pregnant” and “adult”.

    What could you do with a few hundred billion words? A BYU professor is transforming linguistics research, language learning, legal studies, and other fields all over the world.

    Among the other repeatedly or prominently used fonts in this smorgasbord are Klavika/Klavika Display (“Big Lang BYU”, “inalienable”, “huge”), Bourton Hand Script (“Flow”, “friendly”), Facebuster (“obesity”), Tungsten (“recession”), Quitador (“Ideal”), Burford Dots (“refugee”), Estilo Script (“creative”), and Archer (“civility”). See the typeface credits for more identified fonts in use.

    Source: Brigham Young University. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Full spread

    Source: Brigham Young University. License: All Rights Reserved.

    “Using Davies’s Corpus of Historical American English to compare some of the most common adjectives that appear near the word women in two different time periods – 1810–99 and 1970–2009 – reveals major shifts in attitudes about women and their role in society.” Klavika and Bourton Hand Script are used for the title, Pompadour Numerals, Cooper Black, and an unidentified grotesque for the years.

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    1. Jul 15th, 2019  2:25 am

      The “INVOLVED” is Trend by LatinoType specifically Trend Slab Four Italic.

    2. Jul 16th, 2019  2:39 pm

      Thanks Hadrian, added!

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