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Tentoonstelling Egmond a/ Zee 1912

Contributed by Matthijs Sluiter on Jul 16th, 2019. Artwork published in
June 1912
Tentoonstelling Egmond a/ Zee 1912
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Poster for an exhibition in Egmond aan Zee near Amsterdam, 1912. Topic unknown. From one of the the big tents that are mounted at the beach, four horses pull a boat on a carriage, followed by an apparently enthusiastic crowd.

This one is for editor Florian, who hopefully is having encounters with Egmond locals who are not too shy for eye contact, unlike the traditional woman with headscarf in the foreground.

Instead of using local type like the (just released?) Hollandse Mediaeval, the designer or printer opted for a German design with similar character: All caps Tiemann-Mediaeval is used for the title. The date is set in type that looks similar to Romanisch.

Size: 400×510 mm. Lithography printed by Gebr. Binger, Amsterdam.


  • Tiemann-Mediäval
  • Romanisch




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3 Comments on “Tentoonstelling Egmond a/ Zee 1912”

  1. That’s sweet! Dankjewel, Matthijs. Not too much has changed in Egmond: There’s still dunes, horse carriages, flags, and crowds at the beach. The typical headgear has changed to something more sportive like hiking hats or bicycyle helmets, though.

    Until 1912, there wasn’t any contemporary local type. In Dutch Type, Jan Middendorp mentions that Hollands(ch)e Mediaeval was “the first original Dutch text face created for over a century”. It was met with great enthusiasm by the Dutch printing trade. If this fair were held a year later, chances are the poster indeed would have used Sjoerd de Roos’s typeface. I concur that the smaller type looks like Romanisch halbfett.

  2. Leon Hulst says:
    Jan 29th, 2023 10:40 pm

    The font is Erasmus designed by De Roos.

  3. Hi Leon, Erasmus-Mediaeval is a typeface in the same genre as Tiemann-Mediäval. It wasn’t released before 1923, though.

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