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Lobster, Astakos

Contributed by Laurence Penney on Jul 31st, 2019. Artwork published in
circa 2019
    Lobster, Astakos
    Photo: Laurence Penney. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Hey I need a sign for my restaurant! What font do you recommend?
    - the restaurant is called Lobster
    - the main dish on the menu is lobster
    - we’re in Astakos (Αστακός, Greek for lobster)
    - one of the letters must be adaptable into a lobster shape


    • Lobster
    • Keedy Sans



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    5 Comments on “Lobster, Astakos”

    1. Jul 31st, 2019  12:02 pm

      Nice discovery, thanks for sharing! I had no idea that there is a Greek version of Keedy Sans.

    2. Jul 31st, 2019  12:49 pm

      Well spotted with Keedy Sans! I was so excited by the Lobster I didn’t look closer at the sans.

    3. Thiago says:
      Jul 31st, 2019  1:27 pm

      Surely “not yet available for licensing” on the Keedy Sans page is inaccurate

    4. Jul 31st, 2019  1:44 pm

      Thiago, if I’m not mistaken, this applies to the new version with Black, Hilite, Lowlite, Hiline styles.

    5. Thiago says:
      Jul 31st, 2019  3:24 pm

      Oh, thanks for clarifying.

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