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Woman’s Colours – The Barigozzi Group

Contributed by Robert Beatty on Aug 5th, 2019. Artwork published in .
    Woman’s Colours – The Barigozzi Group 1
    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

    Album cover for an Italian library music LP by The Baragozzi Group, released on the Fonovideo label in 1974.

    Woman’s Colours – The Barigozzi Group 2
    Source: Boxes of Toys (edited). License: All Rights Reserved.

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    1. Stunning! Since Lucia Shadow was a Mecanorma exclusive, the version of Quentin used here probably is Gay Nineties, which was added to Mecanorma’s range sometime before 1973. I’d like to think it was done on the suggestion of Nicolete Gray, who consulted the French manufacturer of dry-transfer type for a while.

      Every aspect of the cover design for the unofficial 2016 reissue is laughably wrong. Unless you’re reeeeally into Hobo, of course.

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