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“Ärger und Verdruß” ad by Gebr. Klingspor

Photo(s) by Kirsten Solveig Schneider. Imported from Flickr on Sep 16, 2019. Artwork published in
July 1930
“Ärger und Verdruß” ad by Gebr. Klingspor
Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Kirsten Solveig Schneider and tagged with “schmalekabel”. License: All Rights Reserved.

Ärger und Verdruß bereiten Ihnen veraltete Schriften und baufällige Setzregale
Der zeitgemäße Betrieb verwendet Künstler-Schriften und dauerhaft gearbeitete Holzgeräte von Gebr. Klingspor · Offenbach

“Aggravation and annoyance are the result of outdated fonts and dilapidated type cabinets.
The contemporary company uses artist’s types and long-lasting wooden equipment by Gebr. Klingspor, Offenbach.”

Ad in Typographische MItteilungen, Vol. 27, Issue 7, July 1930. The font in use is Rudolf Koch’s Schmale Kabel, or Kabel Condensed, which had just been released. It here is used with the then common ligatures for ch and tz. Unlike in another ad promoting the typeface itself, the long s (ſ) has not been employed – it could have been used in “Klingſpor”.

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  1. The ch ligature is another remnant from blackletter use. In German spelling, the letter c almost exclusively appears as part of digraphs (ch, ck) or trigraphs (sch). The ligated form hints at the phonetic unit. Also, it saved time in hand composition. See more ch ligatures on Flickr.

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