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Le Jardin Soupiré

Contributed by Pierre Brossard on Oct 4th, 2019. Artwork published in
circa September 2019
Le Jardin Soupiré
Source: Arnaud Aubry. License: All Rights Reserved.

The poster of the exhibition Le Jardin Soupiré is made with Victor Moscoso as the titling typeface and ITC Souvenir for smaller text.

The former is based on the 1960s psychedelic poster lettering by Victor Moscoso, which in turn is inspired by Smoke. Both fonts evoke Art Nouveau, or more specially their 70s revivals, which were made due to an interest in Art Nouveau in this decade.

Art Nouveau was deeply linked to grass, blossoms and various gracile shapes and this has a lot to do with the title Jardin Soupiré which means “Garden’s sigh”.

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