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De gedresseerde vrouw by Hannelore Schütz (Anthos)

Contributed by Ely Zanni on Feb 24th, 2020. Artwork published in .
De gedresseerde vrouw by Hannelore Schütz (Anthos)
Ely Zanni @nomadunicorn. License: All Rights Reserved.

Book cover featuring Spring, designed by Bernard Jacquet of Jackson fame and released by Mecanorma in or before 1971. Spring was revived in 2005 by Canada Type as Jojo.

De gedresseerde vrouw (original German title: Die dressierte Frau) was written by Hannelore Schütz together with Ursula von Kardorf in response to Esther Vilar’s Der dressierte Mann (The Manipulated Man) from 1971. In this controversial book, Vilar claimed that it’s not men who oppress women, but women who exploit men. The Dutch edition of Schütz’s answer was translated by JEA Andriessen-Van de Zande and published by Anthos.

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