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Pearl Charles Winter Tour poster

Contributed by Connor Mikita on Mar 11th, 2020. Artwork published in
February 2020
Pearl Charles Winter Tour poster
Photo: Connor Mikita. License: All Rights Reserved.

Poster for the Winter Tour by Pearl Charles, with support from Alexandra Savior and Mac DeMarco. The design brings together Walter Haettenschweiler’s OP-Letter, a customized version of Kalligraphia with pattern fill, and ShadesRech0.

3 Comments on “Pearl Charles Winter Tour poster”

  1. Hi Connor,

    I’m curious to learn how you used OP-Letter … did you work directly from a Lettera scan, or is there a digital version? Also, for the sake of completeness, can you tell us which font you used for the dates? Thanks!

  2. This OP Letter was in fact digitized from my scanned copy of Lettera. There does need to be a digital version at this point though. The date font is Shades. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for confirming, Connor!

    For anyone looking for a digital OP-Letter: There is always Mushmouth PB, a digitization of Albert, the solid companion to Fat Albert, which in turn was Lettergraphics’ phototype copy of OP-Letter. It’s not a match in all details (e.g. it doesn’t have that quirky H), but it’s the closest thing there currently is. You would have to outline it and add a dropshadow yourself.

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