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Patterns nightclub posters, Brighton

Contributed by Blythwood on May 7th, 2020. Artwork published in
January 2020
Patterns nightclub posters, Brighton 1
Blixa Aguerreberry/Patterns. License: All Rights Reserved.

Patterns, a nightclub in Brighton, uses the glitchy, not-quite-monospaced Neue Machina and high-contrast-chiselled Cako in its iridescent poster and video art, designed by London-based Blixa Aguerreberry.

Seen on a visit to Brighton in January, I was instantly struck by these posters. Both typefaces felt striking and fresh, but it took me a while to pin down what the serif was! Oddly, Pangram Pangram do a couple of typefaces that look a bit like Cako, and I got sidetracked wondering if it might be some kind of early version of one of them. Schneider’s Voyage typeface is very similar – I found it and then Cako – and it almost fills the gap of being a ‘Light’ weight, as Cako has big jumps from bold to regular to very light. The slight “looks like it was printed out and scanned back in again” texturing seems to be intentional –Aguerreberry uses it on his website.

Patterns nightclub posters, Brighton 2
Source: Blixa Aguerreberry/Patterns. License: All Rights Reserved.
Patterns nightclub posters, Brighton 3
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Neue Machina
  • Cako




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