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Monk of HelvĂ­tica

Contributed by Fog Man on May 13th, 2020. Artwork published in
July 2019
Monk of HelvĂ­tica 1
Photo: Fog Man. License: All Rights Reserved.

With Helvetica being one of the most widely used fonts worldwide, it has become nearly impossible to escape. As such, it could be said that we visually operate in a hellscape of Helvetica. This monk’s robe symbolizes our cultural worship of this typeface.

The Icelandic word “Helvíti” means “Hell”. Thus the design alludes to this play on words, whilst also making a serious point about the visual dominance of one type. By no means does this reflect any animosity towards Helvetica but more of a humorous joke symbolizing the widespread use and sometimes stifling impact Helvetica has had on typography.

Monk of HelvĂ­tica 2
Photo: Fog Man. License: All Rights Reserved.
Monk of HelvĂ­tica 3
Photo: Fog Man. License: All Rights Reserved.


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