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4x4 (Grove Press, 1962)

Contributed by Florian Hardwig on May 23rd, 2021. Artwork published in .
4x4 (Grove Press, 1962) 1
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4×4 is the title of a compilation of four erotic novellas, published by Grove Press in 1962. Each pair of title and author’s name is set in a different typeface, with alternating line colors. The chosen typefaces are Smoke for Stairway to the Sea by Thomas Firth Jones, Art Gothic for This Night in Sodom by Charles Jules Reiter, Grant No. 2 for Custom by John Schultz, and Italic Ornate for The Apostate Heriger by Anthony Shafton. All four designs have roots in the 19th century, and all were included in the Morgan Press Collection, a series of revivals of wood and foundry typefaces adopted for phototype by Headliners in the 1960s.

4x4 (Grove Press, 1962) 2
Source: Dorley House Books. License: All Rights Reserved.
4x4 (Grove Press, 1962) 3
Source: Rare Book Cellar. License: All Rights Reserved.

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