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Lino & Pasquale Castiglione ‎– Clouds album art

Contributed by Florian Hardwig on Aug 10th, 2020. Artwork published in .
Lino & Pasquale Castiglione ‎– Clouds album art 1
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A typeface designed by a French (?) family duo used for an album recorded by an Italian family duo: Domino (J.C. Demarchi & M. Demarchi), released by Mecanorma in 1972, serves for the monochrome cover of Clouds (Lino Castiglione & Pasquale Castiglione), released on Octopus Records ‎(OTP 0293) in 1975.

Via What Is Wrong With Grooving:

The slightly African influenced and extraordinary grooving flute tune “Games” is my long time favorite on this lovely Italian Library album. […] There was also a reissue, released 2016 on Spettro (SP/L04) records. Also from Italy but comes with a different cover artwork.

[More info on Discogs]

While the clouds on the front cover are rather dark, they have cleared up on the back.
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

While the clouds on the front cover are rather dark, they have cleared up on the back.


  • Domino (Mecanorma)




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6 Comments on “Lino & Pasquale Castiglione ‎– Clouds album art”

  1. Taranto is a digital incarnation of Domino from 2020. You could notice some of these details in certain glyphs.

  2. Good call, Jay. Chris Corrado mentions that his design is “inspired by the aesthetics of 70s Sci-Fi movie posters and old record covers.” There’s a good chance that some of the items he looked at included Domino. I’ve added it as a related typeface.

  3. Hey Jay and Florian, I finally updated the description text on my website now which mentions that a main source of inspiration for the Taranto font was actually Domino.

  4. Thanks, Chris, looking good! I appreciate that you mention your sources of inspiration.

  5. Hi Flo,

    I just came back to this entry and I found and collated these few various image examples from Discogs which have the same trope in different colours and lablels with Domino. Let me know what you think!

  6. Hi Jay, nice discovery, thanks for sharing! When I first posted this, I didn’t realize it is a series. But yes, it looks like this basic design was used for lots of releases.

    From what I’m finding on Discogs, these covers are all related to Flipper Srl Edizioni Musicali, a Roman publisher of library music founded by Romano Di Bari in 1972. Flipper maintained a range of sublabels, several of which used this basic design featuring Domino. The sublabels are differentiated by the secondary typeface used for the name/logo at the bottom, and also by the color:

    Canopo uses ITC Ronda Light and the color yellow.
    Deneb is in Pinto Shaded and green.
    Flirt is in Normalisé Din and blue.
    Flower uses Futura Black and pink.
    Nuova Idea has Stadio / Global in a bright red or orange.
    Octopus has Pump Bold and is mostly purple.
    You found examples from each of these sublabels.

    In the early 1980s, the same basic design was continued with Roundel instead of Domino.

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