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“Sie haben den Hauptverdienst!!” ad by Edion-Eduard Müller

Contributed by Florian Hardwig on Sep 13th, 2020. Artwork published in
circa 1926
    “Sie haben den Hauptverdienst!!” ad by Edion-Eduard Müller 1
    Source: Gaensan. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Addendum to altpapiersammler’s find of an advertising letter by Edion-Eduard Müller.

    This ad by the dubious mail order company for beauty and health products uses several of the same typefaces, including Bernhard-Antiqua schmalfett for the headline – with a double exclamation mark and no less than three manicules.

    The second-largest type (“Erfolg”) is also a design by Lucian Bernhard, Bernhard-Fraktur extrafett (Bauer, 1924). It’s sandwiched by a compressed blackletter, Amts-Fraktur eng halbfett, designed by Heinrich Hoffmeister and issued by the Stempel foundry in 1909. The smaller bold blackletter (“Jeder Käufer …”, “Einige Beispiele …”) is not Bernhard-Fraktur, but the similar, albeit less expressive Buhe-Fraktur fett. It was added in 1922 to Walter Buhe’s family for Stempel.

    While the envelope in the other post is not explicitly dated, this advert mentions a 1926 date in one of the customer testimonials on the back side.

    “Noch nie hat” is  fett (Berthold, 1908).
    Source: Gaensan. License: All Rights Reserved.

    “Noch nie hat” is Sorbonne fett (Berthold, 1908).


    • Bernhard Antique
    • Bernhard-Fraktur
    • Amts-Fraktur
    • Buhe-Fraktur
    • Bravour
    • Romanisch
    • Sorbonne
    • International (Numrich)
    • unidentified typeface



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