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Lia Ices – Family Album

Contributed by John Zabawa on Apr 16th, 2021. Artwork published in
January 2021
Lia Ices – Family Album 1
Photo: John Zabawa. License: All Rights Reserved.

Family Album is the fourth studio album by Lia Ices, released January 29, 2021 via the Natural label. It was written on Moon Mountain in Sonoma, California on the precipice of motherhood. On Family Album, Ices embraced collectivity and collaboration (the record’s title is apt in a multitude of ways). Part of that is allowing a higher level of collaboration than ever before, part is becoming a mother, part is Sonoma’s Edenic Moon Mountain, part is the Wild West freedom inherent in California, part is an awareness of herself, and, most significantly, of growing ever more into that.

The front cover features a prominent use of Ballast (Ben Kiel, XYZ Type) for the album title masthead. Located in the negative space above the word family, hosts a union of smaller secondary typefaces such as Davida, Neue Helvetica and Special Elite. The lowercase y in the word “Family” was altered slightly to feature a more curious ball and fennel design.

Front cover photo by Renee Friedrich
Back cover photo by Christopher Woodcock
Art direction by Aaron Brown
Designed by John Zabawa

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Lia Ices – Family Album 2
Photo: John Zabawa. License: All Rights Reserved.
Lia Ices – Family Album 3
Photo: John Zabawa. License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Ballast
  • Davida
  • Neue Helvetica
  • Special Elite




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