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The Green-Eyed Monster by Patrick Quentin

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Apr 3rd, 2013. Artwork published in .
    The Green-Eyed Monster by Patrick Quentin
    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

    The title is set in a font that I don’t know but feel like I’ve seen before. I like it. It’s in the vein of romanized blackletters (grayletters) like ITC Honda but clearly on the roman side of the fence. Very likely inspired by the 1927 typeface Fanfare.


    • unidentified typeface
    • Trade Gothic



    5 Comments on “The Green-Eyed Monster by Patrick Quentin”

    1. Apr 3rd, 2013  6:48 am

      Upon closer inspection, the slight irregularities (see ‘E’s and ‘i’s) prove that this is obviously lettering. Anyone know a typeface other than Fanfare that it could be based on?

    2. Apr 3rd, 2013  7:15 am

      Well, the ‘a’ in Andreu Balius’ wonderful Taüll is even closer to this than Fanfare’s, but it was not released before 2007.

    3. Apr 3rd, 2013  8:01 am

      Ahh, yes. Thanks, Florian. Taüll must have been the one I was thinking of. Was just gazing at it the other day.

    4. Apr 3rd, 2013  8:44 am

      Since Balius states that he got “inspired from old black lettering devices”, it is imaginable that there is some manual with letterforms loosely based on Fanfare, and that this manual has also served as a model to the book cover artist. But that’s just speculation.

    5. Apr 4th, 2013  10:15 am

      Another metal typeface similar to Fanfare (but not closer to this one) is Heinz König’s Alarm (1928, J.D. Trennert).

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