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Abbott’s Village Bakery – We call it Free Range Bread

Contributed by Florian Hardwig on Apr 17th, 2013. Artwork published in .
    Abbott’s Village Bakery – We call it Free Range Bread
    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

    We’d never force-feed our bread …

    … but you’d always force letterforms into shapes that make them look even more miserable, huh?


    • Hobo
    • Metro No. 2




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    5 Comments on “Abbott’s Village Bakery – We call it Free Range Bread”

    1. Apr 17th, 2013  6:59 pm

      I dunno. I feel like if any typeface can handle this treatment, the amoebic Hobo can. But yeah, that blob doesn’t need to be there. Kills an otherwise cute concept.

    2. Apr 17th, 2013  7:38 pm

      It’s a prime example where it would have been better to have a lettering artist execute the idea properly. True, Hobo is hard to destroy, eggs will always be egg-shaped. On second glance, I am actually more displeased by the loose spacing than the distortion.

    3. Apr 22nd, 2013  10:31 am

      I am dumbstruck as to why they chose Hobo at all, I can’t see it fitting their brand or even the style of this piece. I totally agree some lettering would have been a better option.

    4. Jul 26th, 2014  6:40 pm

      I think Hobo is working quite well here. To quote myself, “Hobo’s inconsistent proportions and ever-modulating stroke width aid its durability against stretching much more so than other typefaces.” So naturally I strongly agree with what Stephen and Florian have already said on the matter. Also, it’s a silly ad that needs a silly typeface. I bet the art director initially had a more straightforward sans, and then said to the lowly junior designer, “You know what dude? Just go with Hobo.” The JD probably stratched his head, but agreed to the chore, acknowledging that art director with years of wisdom on his side knew much better than he.

      Also, regarding the spacing, I think the open spacing is working quite nicely as well. Out of the box, Hobo is quite tight, and has large counters with no relationship to the whitespace between letters. There is a bit too much space still, but I’d venture to say that it might look even better than default Hobo.

    5. James says:
      Nov 11th, 2014  8:45 am

      I’ve been looking for an example of Hobo that doesn’t offend my eyes and this is the best I’ve seen.  Hobo always tends to end up looking very dated to me, not good-retro-dated but best-forgotten-about-dated.  And after all, what better letter shapes to distort?

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