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Disconnection exhibition poster

Contributed by Panagiotis Tsironis on Dec 10th, 2020. Artwork published in .
Disconnection exhibition poster 1
Photo: Panagiotis Tsironis. License: All Rights Reserved.

This poster was created for the Disconnection exhibition, held by Flaco Studio, in A Coruña in summer 2020.

The concept was conceived during the first Covid-19 lockdown that took place in spring 2020.
In the times of a serious pandemic such as this, the notion of “disconnection” started to have a whole new meaning for people around the world; was a physical disconnection less important than a mental one? As we all saw, it was quite necessary, but how did it affect people, and how it’s going to affect our lives from now on?

The poster was created bearing in mind the human being, at the centre of the Earth. Humour was of great importance for this poster. The letters, just like humans, were supposed to be two meters away from each other, so that they could give the feeling of actual disconnection. Playing with humorous flirtatious lines, “do you want to flatten the curve with me” felt the most appropriate one.

The exhibition was online until last September, at the website of Flaco Studio, while its physical form took place at the studio’s/gallery’s headquarters in A Coruña, Spain, from June 18th to July 11th.

Disconnection exhibition poster 2
Source: Flaco Studio. License: All Rights Reserved.
Disconnection exhibition poster 3
Source: Flaco Studio. License: All Rights Reserved.


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