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Contributed by Vassil Dimitrov on Feb 13th, 2021. Artwork published in
circa 2020
Glowceuticals 1
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A strong brand can make a huge difference for the faith of a business, especially in the field of beauty. Every day, the market sees new cosmetic brands that rely on a tasty look or a powerful message rather than on product innovation or distinctiveness.

This was not the case with Glowceuticals, a German brand for professional skincare. The first time we met, we were struck by the founders’ passion and expertise, but it was evident they needed help to grow a stronger brand.

First and foremost, the brand look had to convey trust and reflect the brand promise for quality products and flawless expertise. We chose a “masculine” font – Heron Sans – to instill a sense of safety. We then softened the overall impression by adding gentle colors and natural elements. We used plenty of white space to get a clean minimalist feeling but avoided looking too sterile with floral motives and human presence. We selected confident, natural women, who obviously felt good in their skin. The logo depicted the feminine glow that comes from within.

We gathered Glowceuticals’ values and principles in a brandbook and transferred the brand mantra across the network. We included specific guidelines for the visual language and tone of voice to improve communication consistency. We gave the team some tips on their social media communication and equipped them with suitable messages, topics and formats that would engage end-users and professionals alike.

Glowceuticals 2
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Glowceuticals 3
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