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Terror of Frankenstein movie flyer

Contributed by Fonts In Use Staff on Oct 30th, 2022. Artwork published in .
Terror of Frankenstein movie flyer
Source: The Holding Coat. License: All Rights Reserved.

From The Holding Coat:

Flyer for what was originally titled Victor Frankenstein, this is one of the few Independent-International releases to undergo minimal tinkering. It is generally regarded as the most faithful to Mary Shelley’s novel.

“A Classic Tale of Gothic Horror” is set in a classic Gothic typeface, Old English, and the title in Futura Display, reversed and mostly in all caps.


  • Futura Display
  • Old English
  • Helvetica
  • ITC Avant Garde Gothic




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3 Comments on “Terror of Frankenstein movie flyer”

  1. Old English Text (series 356 and 456) is an adaptation of Cloister Blackfor the Monotype.

    There are digitizations by Letraset, ITC, Linotype (all largely identical) as Old English, and by Monotype as Old English Text. Latter has shorter ascenders and is clearly different in diacritics and non-alphabetic characters.

    But the nicest edition of the Old English is the Monotype version, which unfortunately can be licensed as Windows TrueType only, which nobody needs. Too bad about the beautiful y and z!

  2. which nobody needs

    Why is that? Ignore the “Windows” bit, that’s just a legacy label with no meaning for most font users today. What’s important is that it’s a font in TrueType format, which works just fine on the vast majority of today’s operating systems, including Windows, macOS and, with FreeType, also Linux.

    Ralf Herrmann debunked some of the misconceptions around TrueType (vs. OpenType), see this video. There’s also an article available in English and German.

  3. No, I thought it was an obsolete Windows file that isn’t packaged in OpenType because the shops call it Windows-ttf. Normally it says OpenType TTF or OpenType CFF. If the font had been labeled that way, I would have known my way around.

    So I took the risk and bought the font anyway; also to see the real data. And the data showed the following: OpenType TTF, which reassured me.

    Und das ist auch gut so! Weil: Es ist für mich eindeutig die schönste Variante.

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