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Miracle Musical – Hawaii Part II album art

Contributed by O. Blaufuss on May 27th, 2021. Artwork published in
December 2012
Miracle Musical – Hawaii Part II album art 1
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Hawaii: Part II is an album by ミラクルミュージカル (Miracle Musical) which was released on 12/12/12, at 12:12:12 on Bandcamp.

Hiragino Maru Gothic is used for the title, as well as the lyrics, acknowledgements, and other text in the accompanying PDF booklet, both for English and Japanese text. It’s paired with the bold W8 style of the related Hiragino Kaku Gothic for the Japanese band name, which is shown with a rainbow gradient.

Hawaii: Part II has been stated to draw artistic inspiration from the 9/11 attacks. The roman numerals “II” at the end of the title stand a space’s width apart on the cover, meant to evoke the silhouette of the twin towers.

Art direction and design by Joe Hawley, with cover artwork by Dan Durda, Joe Hawley, Susan Holoway, and Bora Karaca.

Miracle Musical – Hawaii Part II album art 2
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Miracle Musical – Hawaii Part II album art 3
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  • Hiragino Kaku Gothic
  • Hiragino Maru Gothic




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