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Invasion of the Robots by Roger Elwood (ed.)

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Invasion of the Robots by Roger Elwood (ed.) 1
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Huxley Vertical in alternating colors for the names of the eight authors whose short stories are included in Invasion of the Robots. The science fiction anthology was published by Paperback Library in 1969.

Released by ATF in 1935, Huxley Vertical is a condensed all-caps typeface with monolinear strokes, distinguished by the protruding bars that are so typical for the Art Deco period, see for instance Triennale, or later creations in this style, like Plaza, ITC Anna, Avenida, or Capitol Capitals. Huxley Vertical isn’t named after Aldous Huxley, of course, but after its designer, Walter Huxley (1890–1955). This didn’t stop Agfa/Monotype from naming their interpretation Aldous Vertical.

The other text including the title is set in Inserat-Grotesk. Cover art by Jack Gaughan.

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Invasion of the Robots by Roger Elwood (ed.) 2
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