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Contributed by Michael Lamb on Sep 26th, 2021. Artwork published in
circa 1975
    Source: Photo: Michael Lamb. License: CC BY.

    SaverSeven, the weekly ticket to travel on buses and trains within Greater Manchester was first introduced in 1975, they lasted until around circa 1993 (but open to correction).

    Motter Ombra was the font of choice for its logo and the GMT’s standard Helvetica was used for everything else.


    • Motter Ombra
    • Helvetica




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    1. Thanks for this follow-up to your post about the ClipperCard! Just like Zipper, Motter Ombra was a popular 1970s face carried by Letraset, and it’s likewise used in CamelCase.

      Again, interested people can find more images with applications of the SaverSeven logo on Flickr: Stuart Vallantine (mancunian1001) has a turquoise variant of the same ad, and the Museum of Transport Greater Manchester archive shows a pic of the SaverSeven logo on the side of a bus.

      Saver Seven - just the ticket for buses and trains

      Mark Prescott shares an image of a sticker with the ClipperCard and Saver ticket side by side. See more in the dedicated group named Lost Treasures of Greater Manchester Transport.

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