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Les Rencontres Ad Hoc 2019 festival poster

Contributed by Production Type on Nov 25th, 2021. Artwork published in .
Les Rencontres Ad Hoc  2019 festival poster 1
Source: Brest Brest Brest. License: All Rights Reserved.

Ad Hoc is a documentary film festival organized by a non-profit organization, taking place each summer in the small village of Mirabel-et-Blacons, France. The idea that gave ground to this event was to reunite professionals and amateurs of documentary cinema to discover a small selection (rarely more than 15) of documentary films realized by directors who show a particular political commitment. The only thing that rules the selection of films was for them not to have been broadcast on TV the year before. This setup leads to a cozy atmosphere, led by volunteers only, where everyone can meet and discuss the screenings, whether it’s during round tables or at the bar.

Even though the festival is small, Les Rencontres Ad Hoc still commissioned graphic design studio Brest Brest Brest to design their visual identity and specifically a poster for the 2019 edition. In order to evoke the diversity of the film selection designated by the committee as “off tracks”, Brest Brest Brest used the two opposite widths of Mars from Production Type. The type is also an interesting choice to harmonize the short name of the festival with the longer chunks of information present on the poster, so as to keep all main info on the same hierarchy level. The poster is offset printed in orange and black, with just a small image representing a woman with binoculars – a metaphor of the spectator as a discoverer of new horizons.

Source: Brest Brest Brest. License: All Rights Reserved.


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  1. Interesting also is the not-so-centered text, to say something like “we’re established but a bit off-beat”.

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