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andersw[oh]er by Katja Pilisi

Contributed by Hannes Brischke on Feb 7th, 2022. Artwork published in
September 2021
andersw[oh]er by Katja Pilisi 1
License: All Rights Reserved.

The exhibition project andersw[oh]er is curated by Katja Pilisi for her Master thesis at HBKsaar Saarbrücken. It includes an exhibition series and a podcast series.

The first exhibition featuring the photographer Lukas Ratius started on 4 September 2021 in an off-space at Folsterhöhe in cooperation with Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken and the Saarbrücker gemeinnützige Siedlungsgesellschaft.

The design features CirrusCumulus by Clara Sambot and Authentic Kunstverein by Hannes Brischke. The latter is based on Authentic Sans by Authentic.

CirrusCumulus was slightly modified and reduced in detail to fit the tightly spaced all caps caption. Stylistic alternates are used for Authentic Kunstverein.

Authentic Kunstverein uses some of its stylistic alternates for capitals.

andersw[oh]er by Katja Pilisi 2
License: All Rights Reserved.
andersw[oh]er by Katja Pilisi 3
License: All Rights Reserved.
andersw[oh]er by Katja Pilisi 4
License: All Rights Reserved.

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