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The Cats by Nick Sharman

Contributed by Nick Sherman on Apr 14th, 2022. Artwork published in .
The Cats by Nick Sharman 1
Source: Nick Sherman. License: CC BY-NC-SA.

The cover for the first New English Library paperback edition of Nick Sharman’s horror novel, The Cats, features a cat-themed LTypI use of Fat Cat. The heart-shaped counterform of the ‘A’ was either an after-market adaptation from another glyph in the typeface like the ‘E’, or it was an alternate glyph from a source I haven’t seen before. The accompanying slab-serif is Rockwell.

The design is credited to Stephen Knowlden, with the illustration credited to David McAllister.

Nick Sharman should not be confused with me, Nick Sherman :)

The Cats by Nick Sharman 2
Photo: Nick Sherman. License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Fat Cat
  • Rockwell




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4 Comments on “The Cats by Nick Sharman”

  1. The modified A makes it look a bit like a cat’s nose.

  2. As a small side note, unrelated to the type: I was somewhat surprised to see an illustration credit for what I assumed was the composition of little paw prints on the back. But then I realized the image on the cover that I thought was a photograph was in fact a photorealistic illustration.

  3. ISFDB has a list of books with more of McAllister’s work, including Snowman from 1979.

  4. Coincidentally, the monster from that Snow Man book cover is definitely the same monster from a favorite movie of mine, Terror in the Midnight Sun!

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