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“May I C-U-Home This Eve.” acquaintance card

Photo(s) by Alan Mays. Imported from Flickr on May 4, 2022. Artwork published in
circa 1890
    “May I C-U-Home This Eve.” acquaintance card
    Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Alan Mays and tagged with “souvenir”. License: All Rights Reserved.

    This is a sample acquaintance card dating to the late nineteenth or early twentieth century.
    See May I C U Home This Eve? for another card with the same illustration and a different distinctive typeface.
    For another sample acquaintance card with this illustration, see Love Speaks—Without Me Thou Would’st Die.
    For additional cards, see my Acquaintance Cards album.

    May I C-U-Home This Eve.
    Yours Truly. Please Answer.
    Acquaintance Card. Name on 25 for 10 cts. Ast’d.

    The shaded caps are from Souvenir, a typeface patented in December 1884 and credited to Andrew Little of Farmer, Little & Company in New York. “This Eve” is set in Bowl, shown by the same foundry in 1887. It’s a wide Latin with curved strokes, angled serifs, and some decorative dots, but otherwise similar to Washington (Central, 1886). The italic is unidentified – it appears to be a precursor to designs like Bell or Austin. “Yours truly” and “Please answer” is lettering.


    • Souvenir (Farmer)
    • Bowl
    • unidentified typeface




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