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S.H. Colesworthy, Jr. business card

Photo(s) by Alan Mays. Imported from Flickr on Aug 6, 2023. Artwork published in
circa 1890
S.H. Colesworthy, Jr. business card
Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Alan Mays and tagged with “souvenir”. License: All Rights Reserved.

Samuel H. Colesworthy, Jr. (1845–1921) and his family were longtime booksellers located at 92 Exchange Street in Portland, Maine. The datestone on the building at that address still says, “Colesworthy, 1829–1889” (and the round object affixed to the wall below the stone is a cannonball!).

Colesworthy’s business card is blank on the other side and likely dates to the late nineteenth century.

Established 1829.
S. H. Colesworthy, Jr.,
Dealer in Books, Stationery, and Wall Papers, Blank Books, Pocket Cutlery, Plush Goods, &c.
92 Exchange St., Portland, ME.

The name as well as the second to last line are set in Erratick (c.1887). Note the use of “&c” for “et cetera”. “Books, Stationery” and the last line are in a Latin Antique, while “Wall Papers” features Souvenir (1884), an all-caps Latin with curling terminals and a hatched splt shade. The high-waisted caps used for the small intermediate lines are from Outing. Last but not least, the sans at the top might be Gothic No. 122.


  • Erratick
  • Latin Antique
  • Souvenir (Farmer)
  • Outing
  • Gothic No. 122




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